Periodontal Services/ Oral Systemic

The care and treatment we deliver is designed to help our patients have the healthiest outcome possible for their specific situation. The mouth has a great deal to tell us about the rest of your health. In other words, that “little bit of bleeding” when you brush or that gum tissue that stays red or recedes, may have much more of an impact on your overall health than just your teeth.

Our dental team is interested in not only how oral health affects your teeth, but also how it affects your entire body. It has been established that inflammation and infection in your mouth is connected to serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, risks associated with pregnancy and pre-term birth, as well as most diseases that have an inflammatory component or vascular system connection. Our dental team is as focused on your general health as we are your dental health.

Our Registered Dental Hygienists are experts at gum disease detection and treatment. Your dental hygienist should no longer be just a teeth cleaner, but a therapist who is diligent in the detection of disease and skilled at keeping inflammation under control. Helping to restore oral health is more about controlling the microbiology that can initiate inflammation and not simply cleaning the teeth. Taking blood pressure, evaluating health histories, performing oral cancer screenings, taking appropriate x-rays, recognizing signs of possible sleep apnea, acid reflux, bruxism, doing DNA saliva testing to determine which specific bacteria are the cause of the infection and CariScreen testing to help determine the risk of future decay are some of the areas essential for optimal care. Of course, critically important is the sharing of knowledge to help educate each client in order that they are able to make important treatment choices and also take the steps necessary for their own appropriate daily home care regimen.