Restorative/Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental implants are the next best thing to having your own teeth. They replace missing teeth without "cutting down" healthy teeth. They have a very natural apperacnce and retore proper chewing function. As a patient with implants you can have confidence that your replacement teeth won't move. Dental implants can replace or stabilize dentures and eliminate unsightly partial denture clasps.


We offer both traditional and no preparation veneers. In either case, veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are bonded to existing tooth structure in order to correct misshapen, worn, discolored or cracked teeth. Dr. Baker has been successfully placing veneers for over 25 years. Below are some examples of each.


 There is no one-visit “fast” bleaching technique today that makes teeth the very whitest they can be. All well documented studies show that “laser”, “fast” or “light activated” systems are most effective when combined with an at-home tray bleaching technique. At the Studio we offer two systems for whitening teeth and enhancing the brightness of your smile. One utilizes at-home trays alone and the other, Deep Bleaching, combines several techniques and is thought to be the most effective teeth whitening technique known today. The Deep Bleaching technique appears to get teeth significantly whiter than ever before possible. People who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked (because of bleach resistant teeth) can now bleach significantly whiter. The Deep Bleaching technique combines in office and at-home techniques. We can help you determine which system will help you achieve the result you want.